A Brief Intro to the Business of Sex in Ancient Rome

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couple-in-bed-8 Modern day loves doing it!

The Greeks did it often! The Greeks did it often!

Roman mosaic The Romans perfected it and made a lucrative business of it.

The world’s oldest profession had its glory days when men in togas called Augustus, Cesar, Praefect, Decurion, and Senator ruled the world.  In ancient Rome prostitution was an art form, an occupation, and the most popular type of entertainment. Sex served as an exotic form of political control and a punishment in the Empire. It was also a creative way to raise revenue as every prostitute was required to register with the authorities and pay taxes whenever the tax man cometh.

Let’s start with defining a prostitute and why one potentially becomes a prostitute in Pax Romana.  It is not as obvious or simple as one would think. Class structure was critical to Roman society. Everyone had to fall into a certain group. Prostitutes fell somewhere between a freed…

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